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Leica Lux: DSLR will fail! With the magic of this new app, the perfect picture will be taken on the phone itself

German based camera and lens maker Leica has launched a special app called Leica LUX. It is specially brought for Apple iPhone users, which will allow to take high-quality pictures. The new app was developed by Leica Camera AG in collaboration with Fjorden Electra AS, a Norwegian startup specializing in phone-photography apps and accessories. Here, iPhone users get access to a variety of useful and advanced tools, including Leica's renowned photography technology. Which will help to take professional level photos. The Leica LUX app is currently available for download in the App Store.

Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, commented on the new app launch and partnership, “In collaboration with Fjorden Electra AS, we have been able to combine two different strengths in technological innovation. Leica LUX, our first co-developed camera app, will offer a similar experience to using our built-in lenses on iPhone.”

On the other hand, Dr. Victor Henning, Founder and CEO of Fjorden Electra AS said, “Our aim was to bring a touch of professionalism to mobile phone photography, while providing a smooth experience. As long-time Leica fans, our team is delighted to work hand-in-hand with Leica to develop the Leica LUX app to serve this purpose. “

Leica LUX app features

  • Similar experiences with Leica lenses: The Leica Lux app will allow iPhone users to take high-quality photos similar to lenses made by Leica.
  • Professional Tools: The new app includes a variety of professional tools, which will help users adjust camera settings to take better photos. This will give access to tools like exposure, focus and color balance etc. In short, most of the tools available on Leica cameras are present in this app.
  • User-friendly interface: The Leica Lux app is very easy to use. Even if you are not a professional photographer, there will be no problem. You can navigate the app very easily. And you can use its features and tools to improve photo quality in just a few steps
  • Real-time filter: The Leica Lux app has real-time filters, which can be applied while taking photos. More simply, you can try different effects on the screen before taking the picture to get an idea of ​​how it will look after the picture is captured.



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