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Japan is the first in the world to launch 6G devices, the speed is 500 times faster than 5G

Despite the official launch a year and a half ago, 5G services are yet to reach many parts of India. And talking only about our country, many parts of the world are still deprived of the benefits of using the fifth generation network. But in this situation, Japan proceeded towards the launch of 6G. In fact, soon after the global launch of 5G, many countries were discussing and even starting work on 6G launch. But Japan, one of the major countries in the Asian continent, seems to have started preparing to bring the next generation network. In fact, a Japanese consortium recently unveiled the world's first high-speed 6G prototype device.

Japan moves towards 6G launch, unveils new devices

According to reports, the new 6G prototype device launched by the Japanese consortium can share data over 330 feet at 100 Gbps speed. Naturally, this speed is 20 times faster than current 5G processors and its overall speed is 500 times faster than the average speed of 5G phones. In that case, once 6G is launched in the market, it will be possible to download 5 HD movies per second, and that day may not be far away!

Note that the prototype device in question was jointly developed by four major Japanese telecommunication companies – Docomo, NTT Corporation, NEC Corporation and Fujitsu. These companies have been working on the device for a long time, after which the 11th consortium announced the success of the test. The companies said that their prototype device can offer 100 Gbps speeds indoors using the 100 GHz band and outdoors using the 300 GHz band.


6G will provide these benefits

Jio Only Calling Plan

While networks upgraded from 4G to 5G focused on increasing data capacity for tasks such as video streaming and mobile browsing, the upcoming 6G network technology could open new doors for the world. Because 6G will also look at enabling things like high-speed as well as real-time holographic communication, immersive virtual and mixed-reality experiences.

Don't get your hopes up about 6G

Reading this far, it certainly seems like 6G speeds are pretty impressive, but don't get your hopes up too high early on. Because 6G networks have currently only been tested on one device, the network technology also has its own downsides. For example, the current gold standard of 'latest' 5G networks has a theoretical maximum speed of 10 Gbps. But while that's speed on the books, it's usually much slower in reality – T-Mobile users in the US get an average of about 200 megabits per second on 5G. One reason for such low speed is the limitation of the high frequency band.

In that case, to get rocket speed internet in 6G, a higher frequency band will be required, which will not be easy to get. Moreover, according to recent prototype devices in Japan, many things like house walls and rain can significantly disrupt the 6G signal. That is, to enjoy 6G speed, you still need to pay a lot of money.

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