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Instagram and messenger merge, new features like selfie stickers and Watch Together added

Instagram and messenger merge

Instagram and messenger merge, new features such as selfie stickers and watch together have been added. Yesterday, Instagram rolling out the option to connect Instagram’s direct messages with Messenger. 

The Social Media Giant, Facebook announced the update in a blog post. Through this update, Users can now send messages to Messenger people directly from Instagram. The simple messaging experience on Instagram will become very similar to Messenger which means Instagram users will be getting messenger features such as message forwarding and customizing chat threads with custom colors and nicknames.

Instagram and messenger merge new features

Instagram and messenger merge

The merge is especially helpful for those people which want to use both platforms in a single place. Further, the messages and calls from Instagram to Instagram users will remain in the Instagram app. The update also brings a bunch of new features, including selfie stickers, Watch Together (which lets users watch trending videos with friends) and vanish mode that enables the user to set messages to automatically disappear after a particular period of time has also been added.

The update is not compulsory for everyone, Users still has an option to keep their Messenger and Instagram DMs separate if they wish to do so. Currently, The cross-platform chat feature is only offered in selected regions. However, The company said it will roll out worldwide soon. An exact date is not yet confirmed. The update will probably be released everywhere in the next couple of weeks.

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