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Xiaomi RAMDISK mode announced, boosts up the smartphone gaming performance

Xiaomi RAMDISK mode announced, boosts up the smartphone gaming performance

Xiaomi RAMDISK mode has been announced for Mi 10 Ultra users. The Chinese tech company is now introduced a new technology for smartphones that uses smartphone RAM as disk storage. Currently, This feature supports more than 10 popular including QQ Speed, Glory of the King, and Peace Elite.


Xiaomi, A well-known smartphone manufacturer finally introduced a new mode called RAMDISK that boosts the gaming performance of the smartphone. RAMDISK technology is basically used to set aside a portion of RAM to be used as virtual storage. The benefit of using this feature is that the speed of RAM is quite faster than the storage technology used in smartphones.

Initially, The feature is only available for Mi 10 Ultra smartphone which uses LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 for internal storage. The read and write speed of UFS 3.1 is rated at 1700+MB/s and 750+MB whereas the speed of RAM is 44GB/s respectively.


How to Access RAMDISK Mode on your Mi 10 Ultra?

  • Open the game center
  • Go to speed installation
  • Enter the Game Trial mode to install it

The company claims that Peace Elite game (PUBG) only takes about 10 seconds to install in this mode. In RAMDISK mode, Users also get an option to delete the game without leaving fragmented files or slowing down the phone.

There is one major drawback of the feature is that when the device is restarted or the battery of the handset is exhausted, the game which is stored in RAMDISK mode will automatically get uninstall.

However, The company is also providing an option to transfer the game installed on RAM to the internal memory on the handset. What are your thoughts about Xiaomi RAMDISK mode? Let me know your views in the comments section.

Source: Gizmochina

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