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How to lock chat on WhatsApp, learn step-by-step guide

If you lock a chat on WhatsApp, then the messages in the chat will be hidden until you unlock it.


Are you also worried about the fact that no one can read your private chats on WhatsApp? Now you do not have to worry, because you can lock personal chat or group chat on WhatsApp through password or biometric authentication, Face ID. For this, WhatsApp has released a new ‘chat lock’ feature. Let us know how you can use the new chat lock feature for privacy on WhatsApp.

Follow these steps for chat lock on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s ‘Chat Lock’ feature allows users to transfer chats to a separate folder that can only be accessed using the device’s password or biometric authentication such as fingerprint. Once a chat is locked, this feature automatically hides the chat from notifications. Learn how to enable this feature:

step 1 To enable the Chat Lock feature, first update WhatsApp to the latest version on your Android or iOS device. If you want, you can download or update it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step-2 : After opening WhatsApp, open the chat which you want to lock.

Step-3 : After opening the chat, click on the profile picture of the contact or click on the More option in the group.

Step-4 Now scroll down the menu until you see a new option called Chat Lock. Then tap on this option.

Step-5 : After tapping on the Chat Lock feature, you will be asked to enable it. After enabling it you will need to authenticate using your phone password or biometrics. With the help of this feature, you can lock personal and group chats.

how to access locked chat on whatsapp

  • Accessing locked chats on WhatsApp is easy. As soon as you open WhatsApp, you will see the option of all locked chats on the top of the home screen.
  • Swipe the screen down to view all locked chats. You will see all the locked chats on WhatsApp.
  • Now select the chat that you want to unlock. Here you have to use your phone’s password or biometrics authentication to unlock the chat.

also note

If you lock a chat on WhatsApp, then the messages in the chat will be hidden until you unlock it. Also, if you lock multiple chats, you’ll need to unlock them every time you want to read a message. WhatsApp has announced that it will add more options for chat lock in the future, including creating custom passwords for chats.
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Rishabh Garg
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