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Car Mileage: Car mileage is decreasing day by day? Try changing these 5 habits

You may be using the car for a long time. So you know, the cost of the car depends on various factors. One of which is mileage. Car prices break all-time records in bull market. Along with this, the price of fuel oil has become a poison on milk. So every customer looks for more mileage to reduce the strain on the pocket. He spends the night scouring the internet about what his traveling companion should do to consume the least amount of oil. But the solution is not coming out.

Do you know, whether the car will give more mileage depends on various factors? How the car is being driven is one of them. If you want to get the best mileage from a used car, this report is for you. Because here are five effective ways to get the best mileage out of your car.

Avoid aggressive driving

You will be surprised to know, aggressive driving is one of the reasons for low mileage of cars. Pressing the accelerator to accelerate the vehicle puts more stress on the engine. Fuel consumption is therefore higher to provide additional power. So experts advise, drive slowly. It does not involve risk of life and also gets more mileage.

Try to lose unnecessary weight

Fuel burns for anything present in the car. So as the weight of the car decreases, the mileage will increase. That is why unnecessary things should not be kept in the car. Many people prefer to travel with unnecessary equipment. You will never get more mileage if you do this.

Do not under-inflate tires

Underinflated tires affect vehicle performance. This puts pressure on the engine. Engine cranks burn more fuel to provide power. So always drive with enough air in each tire. It has good mileage.

Choose the right engine oil

If you don't fill with proper engine oil, mileage will not match well. So it should always be ensured that good quality engine oil is used in the car. In fact, good oil helps reduce friction inside the engine. It reduces fuel consumption.

Stop the engine when you stop at the signal

The best way to increase mileage is to always keep the engine off while standing at traffic lights. Do not start the engine until the signal is green. If you follow this same procedure at every signal for 30 seconds, you will see that the mileage matches well. Follow this even when the AC is on.

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