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Car Washing Tips: The car can be kept beautifully clean without wasting water, just follow these tips

He has bought a car. But it feels bad if you can't keep your companion on the path of the saint. Are you paying attention to the fact that water is being consumed liter by liter to bring water to the body of the car? It can be seen that an average of 100 liters of water is wasted to clean a car. According to environmentalists, by consuming so much water, we are causing our own danger. How to keep the car shiny without wasting any water, became a big challenge. But even this has been overcome with the blessings of technology. Today's report discusses five ways to keep your car clean with minimal water consumption.

Use a pressure washer instead of a garden hose

Using a garden hose to clean a car uses a lot of water. It is difficult to prevent water wastage unless there is a shut-up nozzle attached to the mouth of the pipe. It has been observed that 30 to 40 liters of water comes out every minute from the garden hose. 400 liters of water is released after ten minutes of use. But it is possible to clean the car with 10-30 liters of water using a suitable nozzle. Although the price of this nozzle is a bit high. The strong motion of water like a fountain cleans all the dust and dirt from the car.

Use buckets and sponges

The best way to prevent water wastage in car cleaning is to use buckets and sponges. It is possible to wipe the entire car with a sponge in a bucket of water. Then wash it again with another bucket of water and the car will become shiny. It is possible to reduce water consumption to a large extent.

Use dry clean products

Using dry clean products can significantly reduce water consumption and financial costs. Chemicals used in such products are capable of removing dust from the vehicle body. They are available for purchase in spray cans. To be applied directly to the vehicle body. It requires very little water. However, if it is not applied in a proper manner, there is a high possibility of scratches on the car body.

Recycle the water after cleaning the car

If you want to clean the car with water, around 130-200 liters of water is consumed. However, if this water can be reused, it is considered environmentally friendly. Water consumption in an effective car wash system is usually limited to 40-70 litres. This water is sent back to the settling tank where the impurities are removed. That water is reused in car cleaning.

Wash the car on the lawn

Washing the car on the lawn is a great way to retain the water used when washing the car. From there the soil absorbs the water naturally. Again, using bio-degradable car shampoo also maintains the balance of the environment.

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