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Airtel’s Best Plans: Get unlimited calls, data and more for less than Rs 5

Best Airtel Plan: For more than two decades, Bharti Airtel has enchanted Indian mobile users with its services. While various public and private telecom companies are currently in a bit of a tailspin, this company is doing business in tandem with Reliance Jio; Even now they have a huge user base in this country. One of the steps taken by Airtel to satisfy a large number of customers in this regard is to offer convenient prepaid plans at different prices. In this way users can choose the right plan according to their needs while recharging. So if you are an Airtel SIM user and are currently looking for a value pack for your number, then this report is for you today. Because, here we will discuss about one of the best cheap plans of the company.

This Airtel plan is very profitable

The Airtel plan we will talk about today is priced at Rs 1,799. In this case, you can enjoy multiple services such as long validity, unlimited calling etc. for less than 2,000 rupees. It also comes with some free subscription benefits. And the interesting thing is that if your mobile data demand is not high or if you use a lot of data, this plan will be beneficial in both cases. Surprised to hear? So let’s know more about this Airtel plan.

1,799 plan of Airtel

Airtel’s Rs 1,799 plan comes with a validity of 365 days, meaning a full year. It comes with a total of 24 GB data, which you can use as you wish. It also comes with unlimited calls and 3,600 SMS on all networks. So if you are a regular mobile user, then this plan is ideal for you. But even if you use a lot of mobile data every day, there is nothing to worry about its data limit. In fact, unlimited 5G (5G) service is available with this plan, so if you use a 5G phone and live in this service area, you can enjoy unlimited high-speed data with a recharge of Rs 1,799.

Talking about additional benefits, Airtel customers in this plan will get free Apollo 24/7 Circle subscription, free Hellotunes and Wynk Music access for 3 months.

Daily cost is less than 5 rupees

After all this, you must have realized how attractive Airtel’s plan is. In that case, its cost is not that which will pull your pocket, because its one day cost is only 4.92 rupees i.e. less than 5 rupees. So you can feel free to use it.



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