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Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2: The country’s most advanced electric bike is launching tomorrow

High-performance electric bike maker Ultraviolette Automotive has already hinted that April 24 is going to bring a big bang. But until now, the buyers were skeptical about what was presented by the organization on that day. But this time, the company has removed that uncertainty by releasing a teaser. Tomorrow, UltraViolet will launch an e-bike called the F77 Mach 2. It will also offer improved performance over the company’s existing F77. So this e-bike will come wrapped in more technology.

The Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 launch is on April 24

However, the company has not yet revealed the specifications of the F77 Mach 2. But the teaser mentions the model as “the next chapter in performance”. This means, more power and torque will be generated from the motor of the electric bike. The company can add advanced features, graphics and new TFT display to this new model.

The biggest update the F77 Mach 2 could get is the new riding mode. Which will beat the ‘Ballistic’ mode of the current model. Again in terms of price, this bike will be more valuable than F77. The company is expected to charge a price of Rs 3.80 (ex-showroom). The F77 Mach 2 may be offered with a regenerative braking system.

Incidentally, Ultraviolette F77 was launched in India in November 2022 after the development started in 2016. It is currently the fastest battery powered motorcycle in India. The electric motor produces a maximum power of 27 kW and 85 Nm of torque. The maximum speed is 140 km per hour. This e-bike is available in three trims – Shadow, Lightning and Laser. The company claims that it can run more than 300 km on a full charge.

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