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Offline Games: Check out these five world’s most popular games that can be played without internet

Currently, most of the popular mobile games require an internet connection to play. However, there are times when our recharge runs out or the internet connection is not good. And at such times we cannot enjoy our favorite mobile games due to lack of internet. However, there are some games that do not require an internet connection to play. So if you are a fan of mobile games, and want to play games offline, then in this report I will tell you about several offline games.

1) Angry Bird

This classic game was launched in 2009. Since then its popularity has not decreased at all. And best of all, even if your phone doesn’t have an internet connection, you can enjoy this game on both iOS and Android phones with tons of challenges and tournaments.

2) Mini Metro (Mini Metro)

You can play this game by imagining yourself as a subway planner. And this is also a game that you can play without internet.

3) Shadow fight

A great action game to play offline is Shadow Fight. Where you can create teams of warriors and fight against opponents. But in this case you only need to watch out for in-app purchase prompts.

4) Word Smith

If you have played word games like Wordle then you will love Wordsmith game. Because, in this game you have to form different types of words every day and different types of challenges are also given, which you will enjoy a lot. Besides, the ability to use your brain without internet will also increase.

5) Doodle Jump

A great option to pass the time without an internet connection is Doodle Jump, which requires you to perform activities such as climbing without obstacles and without bumping.

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