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Pakistani woman came to India with four kids to marry Noida husband while playing PUBG

Love the age of playing PUBG? No, this is not a novel title but a real life story of a Pakistani girl and an Indian youth. According to a report in Times of India, Seema, a 27-year-old woman from Pakistan and Sachin, a 22-year-old youth from Greater Noida, fell in love with each other while playing the popular game PUBG. Then Seema crossed the border and moved to India to live with Sachin.

While exchanging passions for gaming, they sometimes exchanged minds. As a result, their virtual conversations also turned into late-night conversations. For which Seema entered India without a valid visa through Nepal and met Sachin. Did she take this bold step to cross the border to be with Sachin? So he first entered India from Karachi via Kathmandu in Nepal and then started living with Sachin. The lawyer from whom they sought marriage advice reported the matter to the police.

The lawyer said Seema told him that her husband works in Dubai and her brother is in the Pakistan Army. He interacted with Sachin while playing PUBG. Then the lawyer asked for more details and was surprised by Seema’s response. Because the woman said that she went from Karachi to Dubai, from there she reached Nepal’s capital Kathmandu by flight. Then from there he took a bus to Pokhara and crossed the border to enter India. Then take another bus to reach NCR region.

The Pakistani woman named Seema also said that her home is Karachi, she is married and has four children. And now she wants to marry Sachin, a resident of Rabupura village in Greater Noida. So they came to the advocate’s office. Seema also said that he was living in the NCR city for a month.

The lawyer expressed doubts about where Seema got the money for the flight ticket. He said, Seema could speak fluent Hindi too. And the children with her were referring to her as their ‘sister’. Everyone else including Seema and Sachin ran away before he could question them further.

Is it possible to communicate with other players in PUBG?

In PUBG, players from different backgrounds and countries play together. As players engage in combat, they also interact with each other. They communicate through in-game chat, voice communication and teamwork, and also make friends. Friendships that later extended beyond the game.

Many times, while chatting about games, players also share their personal life experiences, gradually developing friendships outside the game.

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