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Take Care of Your Car in Monsoon This way, you will be safe even in heavy rain and waterlogged areas.

We dealt with heatwave bouncers throughout May and early June. Finally, with the arrival of the monsoons, there has been a lot of relief from the sweltering conditions of summer. Due to monsoon axis, thunderstorm clouds are everywhere in the country. Sometimes the area gets flooded after several consecutive rains. However, on this rainy day, car owners have to deal with extra trouble. Because the enmity of metal with water is eternal. Since most parts of the car are made of metal material along with various plastic parts, four wheelers need to be taken care of a little differently during the monsoon season. Just like we need an umbrella to protect us from the monsoon rains, we also need to protect the car during this time.

Since the average temperature is slightly lower during the rainy season, many people plan to travel by car during this time. Even so, the serene atmosphere of this time provides extra oxygen to the body. So everyone should keep a few points in mind before going on a road trip with a car on a rainy day.

5 Tips to Car Care in Monsoon –

Wax polish on the exterior of the car

During rains, dust, dirt and mud are more likely to accumulate on the exterior of the car. The entire exterior of the car was washed away by the continuous torrential rain, but later, mud and dirt from the road along with the wheels began to accumulate very quickly in different parts of the car. So this time it is necessary to clean your car completely to save it from this dust. Wash the outer part once with water and then wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. Car wax polish can be applied at this time if needed. This will protect the car’s own paint from water and maintain the shine.

Replace damaged wiper blades

A pair of wiper blades are loaded to keep the front windscreen clear while driving in heavy rain during monsoons. That’s why the blade rubber needs to be in good condition. Otherwise the front view will be blurred due to water droplets on the front glass. If the wiper blade is not used for a long time during hot weather, the rubber gasket can be damaged by excessive heat. So this time before leaving for the road trip, take a good look at the condition of the wiper blades. If they appear to be damaged, be sure to replace them at home. If you use good quality wiper blades, you can drive comfortably even on rainy days. If you never need to use this wiper blade, it’s fine to keep it slightly above the glass.

Taking care of car lights

Even during the rainy season, visibility is relatively reduced during heavy rains. At that time the car’s headlights, taillights and indicators provide additional protection. That’s why you have to pay attention to whether the performance of the light is correct. Whether it is to clearly see the road ahead or to signal to other vehicle drivers, these lights are necessary in all situations. If the headlights, taillights and indicator lights appear to have any problems during inspection, it is best to have them replaced by a trained mechanic. It is recommended to keep the front of this light clear at all times to maintain even visibility.

Check condition of braking system

At the very primary level of safety in any vehicle is its braking system. This brake is one of the weapons of defense in emergency situations. That is why the performance of car brakes needs to be perfect at all times. Even during the rainy season, as the road is wet, the grip of the wheels decreases a little. Danger is inevitable if the brakes are not used properly at this time. Check condition of brake pads and brake fluid level beforehand.

Tire condition and proper inflation

We often don’t feel the need to pay much attention to the condition of the tires. But the overall performance of the car depends a lot on the condition of the tires. Good quality tires should be used to drive properly on slippery roads during rain. That’s why the health of the tires needs to be good, so the amount of air in them should be kept according to the range in the car manual. If there is too much or too little air, the performance of the car will decrease. Along with this, it is wise to regularly monitor the depth of the grooves on the tire.

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