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BNCAP: Road accidents are increasing, government is introducing new rules to protect drivers and passengers

The process of assessing the safety of passenger cars abroad has already started. This system is going to be started in India as well. The Center is going to introduce this system across India from October 1. For which the ‘India New Car Assessment Program’ or BNCAP has been drafted. Under which this time ‘star rating’ will be given to cars sold and imported in this country.

BNCAP: Center will give safety rating for cars sold in the country

A draft released by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said, “The rules of the BNCAP program are applicable to M1 category vehicles. Which weighs less than 3.5 tonnes.” A reply has been sent from the concerned parties within 30 days for the purpose of implementing this new rule. The draft will be changed into law after 30 days from June 28.

It is known that this project is not mandatory in the country. Companies may choose not to test the safety standards of their vehicles. It has been initially decided that vehicle manufacturers or importers will have to fill-up and submit Form-70 to apply to government-designated institutions for vehicle testing. They will give star rating to the car as per Automotive Industry Standard (AIS)-197.

The cost of vehicle testing shall be borne by the manufacturer or importer. However, the center said that the price of the car will not increase due to this. Any model handed over to the agency will be tested for safety in front and side crashes. Based on that, the cars will be rated. Vehicle rating information will be provided on the company’s website. In this context, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that Global ENCAP will be coordinated with BNCAP.

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