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Get Royal Legacy Crate in BGMI game, win various rewards including Gun Skins

The popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) comes with frequent updates and adds new features to enhance the game's appeal. This time the new Royal Legacy Crate has been included in this game by game developer Crafton. These crates offer many rewards, including costumes with song skins.

Recently Royal Legacy Crate has been live in BGMI game and this crate will be active till July 14, 2024. By opening this crate, gamers will get a chance to win Royal Heri Set and Sunfire Archon Set. Besides, Sunfire Archon and Royal Heir face masks are given with the new crate.

BGMI game will get special rewards through Royal Legacy Crate

As for the rest of the rewards, the new crates will yield grenade skins, paint, modification material pieces, classic crate coupon scraps, and premium crate coupon scraps. You can see the list of rewards below.

  1. Royal Heir Set
  2. Sunfire Archon Set
  3. Sunfire Archon Face Cover
  4. Royal Heir Face Cover
  5. Royal Heir Motov Cocktail
  6. Sunfire Archon Pan
  7. Golden Glamor Stun Grenade
  8. Polar Armor
  9. Vintage Record Backpack
  10. Paint
  11. Modification Material
  12. Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  13. Premium Crate Coupon Scrap
  14. Silver

So much UC to spend for rewards

BGMI gamers have to spend in-game currency or UC to open new crates. Gamers need to spend 12 UC to open a one-time special crate. At the same time, if they open 10 new special crates, then 540 UC will be paid.

How to open the crate

  • First update and open BGMI game.
  • Go to the Events section on the right and hit the crate button shown above.
  • Click on Lucky Spin and open the Royal Legacy Crate.
  • Which reward you get will depend on your luck.
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