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WhatsApp has banned 71 lakh accounts in India, are you not having problems?

These days the trend of spreading fake news through various WhatsApp accounts is often noticed. As a result common users get confused. However, Meta has been proactively taking action against accounts that violate its privacy policy for a long time. So almost every month WhatsApp bans thousands of accounts indulging in such illegal activities. And for this reason, the messaging app banned about 71 lakh accounts last April.

Meta-owned WhatsApp on Saturday announced that it had banned more than 7182,000 accounts in India in April for violating the law. Out of which 13 lakh 2 thousand accounts have been banned before complaints from users.

The agency also said that they received more than 10,554 thousand complaints for various reasons during the month of April. Out of this they have taken action against only 6 accounts.

It should be noted that WhatsApp takes action against various accounts in accordance with India's Information Technology Rules 2021. And accounts are banned based on whether the account spreads fake, harmful or spam content and violates any company policies.

Incidentally, WhatsApp banned 79 lakh accounts in March. And in March, users reported 12,782 accounts, of which 11 were prosecuted.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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