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Subscribe 3D Animation Tutorial on Android 2020

Making of Subscribe 3d animation is very difficult if you are new on YouTube and don’t know how to make 3d subscribe animation for your videos. Most of the editor used Adobe after effects to make 3d subscribe animation but not everyone has much time to learn animation or even most of us don’t have a computer, We just only have our smartphone. Don’t worry today I will give you the best trick to make your 3d subscribe animation video, which will you make in just 5 minutes.

Required Files


  • Open Alight motion App
  • Wait until completing the video codec performance test
  • Close Alight motion
  • Open pixellab App and add phone Frame png
  • Now import Channel Logo and set it as i showed
  • Now add your channel name using text layer
  • Now edit text Color
  • Go to A section and find color setting choose black color
  • Edit font, Choose MEME Font
  • Adjust the size of text according to background image as i showed [ Tip : Use position tool to set the position of text perfectly ]
  • Left some space on the right side for Subscribe button
  • Save it in Ultra resolution
  • Open the file manager and open project file
  • choose project click on send
  • Choose alight motion
  • After that project file will be imported in alight motion
  • Open Alight motion and give all permission
  • Now select blue layer and click on color and fill
  • Click on media not found and select Background video [Given in Required files section]
  • Add it
Subscribe 3d animation
  • Go back and now choose red layer
  • Go to edit linked element and choose unlink and edit
  • Click on last blue layer
  • Go to color and fill
  • Choose Pixellab saved png [mobile frame which you edit recently in pixellab]
  • Choose middle blue layer
  • Go to color and fill
  • Choose Subscribe button video [Given in Required files section]
  • Choose first blue layer
  • Go to color and fill
  • Now choose that file which you want to play with mobile frame
  • Go back and open setting
  • Set fps = 25 fps [ you can choose fps according to your device performance ]
  • Click on export
  • Choose Save to Gallery
alight motion mod apk
  • Your 3D subscribe animated video is ready
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