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Grow your Youtube Channel using your Smartphone – Naxon Tech

Grow your Youtube channel is one of the best options to start your carrier. But how you start Your carrier? Which are must apps for you to as a Youtuber? .So here in this video, I didn’t teach you how to start your carrier but I taught you the most useful Android apps for you as a Youtuber.

Open Camera

Open Camera is a camera app on your smartphone which provides a lot of more features than your stock camera app.

open camera


• Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matter what (see example image).

• Expose your camera’s functionality: support for scene modes, colour effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, selfie with “screen flash”, HD video and more.

• Handy remote controls: timer (with optional voice countdown), auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay).

• Option to take photo remotely by making a noise, or by voice command “cheese”.

• Configurable volume keys and user interface.

• Upside-down preview option for use with attachable lenses.

• Overlay a choice of grids and crop guides.

• Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) of photos and videos; for photos this includes compass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).

• Apply date and time stamp, location coordinates, and custom text to photos; store date/time and location as video subtitles (. SRT).

• Panorama, including for front camera.

• Support for HDR (with auto-alignment and ghost removal) and Exposure Bracketing.

• Support for Camera2 API: manual controls (with optional focus assist); burst mode; RAW (DNG) files; slow motion video.

• Noise reduction (including low light night mode) and Dynamic range optimisation modes for better quality photos.

• Options for on-screen histogram, zebra stripes, focus peaking.

• Focus bracketing mode.

• Completely free, and no third party ads in the app (I only run third party ads on the website). Open Source.

Kinemaster Mod Apk

Kinemaster is one of the best video editing software for Android. There are tons of features like chroma key or overlays which you can only use in PC video editing Software but using kinemaster you can use these features in Android too.

kinemaster mod apk


• Add and combine multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting

• Color adjustment tools to correct and enhance videos and images

• Share on YouTube, Facebook Feeds and Stories, Instagram Feeds and Stories, and more!

• Reverse your videos

• Blending modes to create startling, beautiful effects

• Add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound effects

• Editing tools to trim, splice, and crop your video

• The Asset Store provides music, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, and more to enhance your video, updated weekly

• Speed control for time lapse and slow motion effects

• EQ presets, ducking, and volume envelope tools for immersive audio

• Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers

• Export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS

• Apply different color filters to make your video stand out


Pexels provides you No copyright images and videos for your Video Content. You can use any photo and video from pexels without any hesitation in your YouTube video Absolutely free.

pexel free images


• Discover amazing photos and new photography trends.

• Search for any topic to find the perfect photo for your next project.

• Download all photos for free – even for commercial use. Attribution is not required but always appreciated.

• Easily share photos with other apps such as Instagram or your favorite photo editor.

• Set any photo as your new wallpaper.

• Follow photographers that inspire you to never miss a new post.

• Like and collect your favorite photos.

• Give something back to the Pexels community by uploading your own photos to build your own portfolio and to get millions of views.

Pixel Flow Mod Apk

Pixel flow is an app which helps you to make a short intro for your videos with already pre made customisable template.

pixel flow mod apk


• 25 + Animated text templates to choose from

• 15 + Dynamic backgrounds 🏞

• 500 + Video backgrounds 🌄

• 100 + Pre made Gradient backgrounds 🌈

• Custom Solid Color backgrounds

• Dynamic background where you can change the color of the background

• Video background where you can download the video from the library right within the app or you can add your own video as a background.

• Solid color background, In this type of background you can make a single color background.

• Gradient background has collections of beautiful gradient colors you can simply pick the gradient.

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio editor is the best app if you use your smartphone as a microphone because this audio editor not only remove background noise from your recording but also enhance your audio by its cool features like normalising.

lexis audio editor


• Recorder and player

• Cut, copy and paste

• Delete, insert silence, trim, fade in, fade out

• Normalizing, noise reduction

• Record into existing file, import file into existing file

• Mixes the current file with another file

• 10 band equalizer

• Compressor

• Change Tempo, Speed, Pitch

• Audioformats: mp3 (-320kb/s), wav (16 Bit PCM), flac, m4a, aac and wma, video import: mp4, 3gp, 3g2
Remark: You need enough free memory on your first sd-card to edit sound files. For 10min 48k stereo sound we recommend at least 500MB free memory.

Youtube Studio

You can manage your YouTube channel with this apps.The most useful feature of this app is you can change thumbnail of your YouTube video and add tags in the. YouTube Video.

yt studio


• Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics

• Filter and respond to comments

• Receive notifications when something important happens

• Update video details including thumbnail images, monetisation settings and schedule dates

• Manage playlists

Tag You

Tags play an important role in your YouTube video . If you use great tags for your YouTube then it increases the chances of your YouTube video to get more engagement and spread to more audience but sometime we don’t have idea which type of tag we can use , So to solve this problem tag you is the best app. It helps you to find the tags of other YouTube videos in smartphone . You can use that tags too or add related tags in your YouTube video.

how to find youtube tag


• Tag you provide optimization tags that can dramatically improve your videos’s performance, subscriber engagement, and promotion opportunities.

• Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos – The top tag is the key!

• Discover the best tag that makes a video go viral and optimize your videos tag to get more views!

• Get more views with simple actions.

• Top 5 line tags that are trending on YouTube,these tags were generated from your keyword search result.

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