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If you like playing cricket, then these apps can make you a millionaire! Learn how…

There are many fantasy apps running in India through which you can earn money. Here we are telling you about those top-5 fantasy apps, which can convert your interest and knowledge into money. Let us tell you…


If you are interested in cricket, then at this time IPL 2023 (IPL 2023) is in its final phase. The good thing is that if you have good knowledge of cricket, then sitting at home you can earn money through online games related to cricket. There are many fantasy apps running in India, through which you can earn money. Here we are telling you about those top-5 fantasy apps, which can convert your interest and knowledge into money. Let us tell you…

What is fantasy game app and how to play it?

These are apps where users can earn money by betting on all types of sports (cricket, hockey, basketball, football). Make it clear here that this is only a kind of ‘betting’, which is being done online. That’s why it should be played keeping in mind the economic risk. The government has not declared it illegal, so you can invest money in the game and earn. Their ads are being shown on National TV and that too with big brand ambassadors.

How to play through fantasy apps?

  • Before playing any game in Fantasy Gaming Apps, you have to download the app and create an account in it. You can create this through your mail id and mobile number.
  • You get a welcome bonus the first time you sign in to any app. Each company or app gives you different bonuses. After this you can play by putting money in it from your account. There are many contests in any match in which you can invest money.
  • The amount of money you pay while joining the contest is called entry fee. It can range from Rs 10 to Rs 10,000, the higher the entry fee, the bigger the prize money. However, this amount also depends on the number of people joining the contest.
  • All fantasy apps have their own point system. Like if we talk about cricket, then you have to choose your best 11 out of total 22 players of any match. Next to each player is written the number of points that can be spent on them, and you usually have a total of 100 points.
  • Along with this there are some rules like you have to take 3 batsmen. At least one all-rounder will also have to be taken. You have to make the team according to your understanding and then choose a captain and vice-captain.
  • The normal number of points that the player who becomes the captain will get, will be doubled for your team, for example, if you make Virat Kohli the captain and Virat gets a total of 30 points from the match, then those points in your team will be 60 in total. Whereas in the case of vice-captain it is 1.5 times. The creator of the team with the most points gets the prize money.
If you like playing cricket, then these apps can make you a millionaire! Learn how...

These are some of the best fantasy apps out there?

By the way, at this time fantasy apps have come from all over the world. Although this is a matter in which there is a possibility of a lot of fraud, then we are telling you the best apps out of all the fantasy apps available on the Play Store, which are very much discussed these days and are very popular among the common people.

Dream 11

This app is said to be the first app to organize such online gaming contests in India. This app was launched in 2008 and in the year 2012 it allowed to play freemium contests for the first time. It is the most popular fantasy gaming app. There is a chance to win money in almost all kinds of games. People have faith in this app also because it has been a sponsor in many big tournaments from IPL.

My Team11

My Team11 was launched in 2016. This app is also popular among people. It is one of the top 5 fantasy gaming apps in the country. Through this app also you can earn money by participating in many games.

fantasy gaming apps
dream 11 app

My 11 Circle

It is also a very popular fantasy gaming app. It was launched in the year 2019 to compete with Dream11. People have a lot of faith in this too. Sourav Ganguly himself does its ad.

Mobile Premier League (MPL)

This gaming app has become quite popular in a short span of time. One reason for this is Virat Kohli being the brand ambassador. Being associated with such big people and brands has given people a lot of faith in it.

Paytm First Games

Seeing the popularity of other fantasy games apps, e-wallet company Paytm has also introduced its Paytm First Games. It was launched in 2018 and has managed to create a niche among the people in no time. This is because the name of Paytm is associated with it. In this also you can earn money by playing all kinds of games.

Note- There is a risk of addiction in playing these games along with economic loss. So use your whole mind before playing them. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
Rishabh writes about the latest technology news for Naxon Tech


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