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Sony Reon Pocket 5: Sony comes with pocket AC, can be kept in clothes

Sony recently launched a new body air conditioner with advanced technology, which can be worn behind a shirt. As surprising as it may sound, the company has actually come up with such a great yet effective innovation. The new smart wearable thermo device kit is called Sony Reon Pocket 5. It comes with multiple cooling and warming levels.

Sony Reon Pocket 5 specifications and features

The Sony Rion Pocket 5 Wearable Air Conditioner offers a total of five calling levels and four warming levels. For best performance the device can be used in conjunction with the Reon Pocket Tag. This small wearable tag acts as a remote sensor, which sends a signal to the neck unit to adjust the temperature by detecting the user's surroundings. However, apart from tags, the Rion Pocket 5 is also capable of working independently. It also targets the user's body temperature, so the tag can perform better to provide personalized comfort.

The new Sony Reon Pocket 5 device can also be controlled via the Reon Pocket app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. From this app, users can control five cooling and four warming levels according to their needs through Bluetooth. This new wearable air conditioner is claimed to offer a long battery life of 17 hours on a single charge.

By the way, this device from Sony cannot be called completely new. Because the Rion Pocket series first debuted in Japan in 2019. Later editions of this series became very popular in the Hong Kong market. Now the company is all set to launch the Reon Pocket 5 globally.

Sony Reon Pocket 5 Price

According to Sony's website, the Sony Reon Pocket 5 Wearable Air Conditioner is priced at £139 (around Rs. 14,500). It is currently available for pre-order and will start shipping on May 15. The base package of the device i.e. Reon 5T – includes Reon Pocket 5 along with a Rayon pocket tag and a white color neckband. However, the company is also offering a beige neckband, which costs an additional £25 (around Rs. 2,600).



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