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Sonalika: Grow crops even on hard soil, big powerful tractors for the farming brothers

At the end of March, Sonalika Tractors, one of the most famous tractor manufacturers of the country, announced good news for the farmers. The company has announced the launch of a very powerful new model. Named Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Multi-Speed ​​Tractor. It costs Rs 8,49,999 lakh (ex-showroom). This tractor will especially help to fill crops even on hard soil.

Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Multi-Speed ​​Tractor Launched

The amount of torque generated is kept high for great performance. The largest engine in the category is offered in the Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus. There are also ten deluxe features on-field/off-field. Sonalika said in a press release that it will be manufactured at the company’s factory in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

This new tractor has appeared while maintaining the original style of Sonalika. It has the largest engine with 4,709 cc, HDM, 4-cylinder. It will generate a maximum torque of 275 Nm. 12F+12R multi-speed transmission with shuttle-tech technology and excellent 5G hydraulics make the tractor capable of carrying up to 2,200 kg.

Notable features on the Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 include – LED DRL headlights, LED tail lights, Pro+ bumpers, deluxe seats and power steering. Sonalika claims that this tractor with multiple applications will become one of the most suitable tractors for farming in countries with extreme climates like India.

After its launch, Raman Mittal, Joint Managing Director, International Tractors Limited said, “We are taking the initiative for “one nation, one price for tractors”. Our newly launched Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus multi-speed tractor is perfect for changing the game.” He said that several more models of such high power tractors will be launched in the future.

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