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Say goodbye to petrol, CF Moto will fulfill the dream of affordable electric sports bikes

Recently new models of scooters as well as motorcycles are being launched in the electric two wheeler market of India. However, their prices are usually higher than electric scooters. Which is beyond the reach of our people. So CF Moto is going to take a paradigmatic step to bring cheap electric bikes in the market. What steps do you hear?

CF Moto brings affordable electric bikes

Currently, most of the companies are developing new platforms for e-bike launches. Whereas the Chinese company is planning to launch an electric model based on their existing ICE motorcycle, breaking the tradition. This will reduce the cost of production. As a result, the company will be able to keep the price of eco-friendly models within the reach of our people.

Leaked patent images show their battery-powered model is actually based on the company’s sports bike 450SR. A tubular steel trellis is being built on the frame. This same frame is also used in the 450SR and 450NK ranges. Even the petrol powered model’s swing arm, seat and sub-frame are being offered. The difference is that the 450 cc parallel engine is replaced by an electric motor and a more powerful battery pack.

CF Moto’s move to bring electric bikes will reduce its overall manufacturing costs. Also they don’t take much time to develop. E-bikes can be brought to the market at cheaper prices due to the low cost of production. If the company’s plan works out well, this process will introduce multiple EV models in the future.

So far CF Moto will launch their electric sportsbike in the market, no official message has arrived in this regard. The company is expected to showcase the e-bike in concept form at the EICMA 2024 Milan Bike Show in Italy.

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