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40 Crore Users Ask Security Questions, WhatsApp Offers These 10 Privacy Features, Check List

Despite many alternatives, the honor of being the most used messaging platform around the world has been held by WhatsApp for the past few years. Currently around 244 crore people worldwide and 40 crore people in India use this platform to connect with each other. And to the delight of its huge user base, WhatsApp also brings new features every so often. Not only this, the company is also keen on user privacy and security, which is why they have added various options to both Android and iOS apps so far. To see, WhatsApp currently has at least 10 privacy features, ranging from personal chat lock to hiding profile pictures and online status. Now let’s take a look at these features of WhatsApp.

These are the 10 privacy features currently available on WhatsApp

1. Chat Lock: WhatsApp has recently added this feature, with the help of which any chat can be separated and locked or protected with a password. Once you go to a profile and click on the specific ‘Chat lock’ option, all the chats of that profile will be saved in a separate folder.

2. Online Status Hide: You can hide their presence on WhatsApp if you want. In this case, if the specific option of online status is turned off from the settings, no one will know whether you are using the messaging app or whether you are online.

3. Hide Profile Photo: Using this option, which was added to WhatsApp a few months ago, you will be able to hide the profile picture from certain contacts.

4. Disappearing message: This is an optional feature of WhatsApp which, if turned on, will automatically delete individual or group chats after a specified period of time. In this case, 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days timer will be available for disappearing messages option.

5. Silent Unknown Call: WhatsApp has recently introduced this calling feature to avoid online scams. Due to this feature, the platform will automatically silence calls from unknown phone numbers. This will not interfere with the use of the platform.

6. Group Add Settings: Many times we join a WhatsApp group unintentionally or unknowingly. However, there is a control option in the settings section of the app, if you keep it on, no one can add you to any group without your consent.

7. Fingerprint Lock: WhatsApp added this feature a few years ago, through which you can lock the messaging app with your fingerprint without the help of a third-party app lock. This feature is available in app settings.

8. block: Since the beginning, WhatsApp has given users the option to block anyone they want.

9. Blue Tick Hide: WhatsApp already has an option called Read Receipt, which if turned off, the blue tick of the chat will be hidden. By doing this, the sender will not know if you are reading someone’s message.

10. Two-Step Authentication: This option can be used to keep your WhatsApp account secure. Once two-step verification is turned on, a six-digit PIN must be set that will be used every time the account is logged in.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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