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Okaya EV: Electric scooter prices slashed ahead of New Year, chance to buy Rs 30,000 off

The ‘Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles’ or FEM-2 scheme has expired with the end of March 2024. Despite the new scheme being launched for a limited time, electric vehicles are not as cheap as before. Naturally, the prices of various electric scooters have increased. However, with the relief of buyers, Okaya EV has announced the sale of e-scooters at the same price.

Okaya EV will still sell the electric scooter at the same price as the FEM-2 subsidy. That’s why they had to reduce the price of every model they sold. But this offer is for limited time only. Currently, the price of Okaya’s electric scooter starts at Rs 69,950. The mileage of the base model on a full charge is 75 km.

Okaya EV’s electric scooters are available at previous prices

In this context, Okaya EV Managing Director Dr. Anshul Gupta said, “At Okaya EV, we give utmost priority to customer needs. How much do we understand the role of electric vehicles in building a sustainable transportation system? In this case, we believe that the price will not be fixed. So, as long as the stock is available, post-Fam-2 we aim to offer electric scooters to customers at the same prices as before.”

The Okaya Faast F4 model will now cost Rs 1,19,989 with a subsidy of Rs 30,123. It offers a range of 160 km on a full charge. A pair of available batteries together generate 4.4 kWh of power. Below are the current prices (ex-showroom) of other scooters of the company.

Faast F3 : Reduced from Rs 1,34,946 to Rs 1,09,990

Faast F2F : Reduced from Rs 93,999 to Rs 79,950

Faast F2B : Reduced from Rs 1,09,233 to Rs 88,950

Faast F2T : Reduced from Rs 1,05,092 to Rs 92,900

Freedom : Reduced from Rs 75,899 to Rs 69,950

Motofaast 35 : Reduced from Rs 1,54,475 to Rs 1,24,999



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