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Mahindra has launched a completely free vehicle pollution test system

Yesterday i.e. 5th June, World Environment Day was celebrated in a grand ceremony worldwide. Various activities have been organized by public and private initiatives in different countries to save Dharani from pollution. The same picture has been caught in our country. Various organizations have called for their own way of de-polluting the environment by planting trees or adopting other methods. However, car manufacturer Mahindra has joined this work in a slightly different way. On the occasion of World Environment Day, on June 5 and 6, they have introduced a vehicle pollution test (PUC) system at all dealerships across the country for free.

Mahindra is doing free pollution tests on cars

A special machine called Pollution Checking Machine (PCM) will be used for this work. The main aim of the campaign is to identify the air pollutants mixed in the gases emitted by the vehicles through this two-day pollution test. As a result, this effort will be able to protect human civilization to some extent from the adverse effects of environmental pollution. This management is nothing but the result of Mahindra’s commitment to environmental balance.

Incidentally, for the past few years, Mahindra has adopted various futuristic eco-friendly methods to reduce the level of pollution in the environment. One of them is the process of recycling used car oil. In September last year, Mahindra is working hand in hand with engine oil manufacturer Shell (Shell) in this field.

They have already introduced this management in 13 dealerships spread across India. About 49,780 liters of unusable oil have been recycled since last September. In fact, Shell collects discarded engine oil or other vehicle lubricants from all these Mahindra dealerships. And this is how the entire process is handled. Three new dealerships were brought under the scheme last month. Mahindra plans to introduce engine oil recycling system at every dealer in future.

Another major problem in the car industry is the constant use of water at various car washing centers. In fact, in our country, a lot of water is wasted every day for washing cars. Mahindra has launched the mECO car wash program with this issue in mind. This method conserves the water used during car washing and makes it reusable. Mahindra claims that as a result, they are able to save at least one liter of water every time they wash their car. According to their statistics, about 33.30 million liters of water has been saved in the last one year.

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