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Just keep these 10 things in mind to keep your bike looking as shiny as new even in extreme heat

The scorching heat is very challenging for motorcycle users. Just as the rider has to go out in the hot sun, the bike gets worse in the dust of the road. However, if you know the right technique for washing your vehicle, you don’t have to struggle much to maintain its performance as well as its shine. So, before cleaning the wheels of your vehicle this summer, you must keep these ten things in mind.

Choose the right time

Choosing a right time to clean your beloved two-wheeler is the first duty. In summer, it is better to choose this time at the beginning or end of the day because the temperature is relatively low. Due to the high temperatures in the midday heat, the cleaning liquids on the bike dry out very quickly. Which can sometimes cause various scars.

Gather all the cleaning materials

First, have all the tools you need to clean a motorcycle on hand. These include buckets of water, mild detergent, sponges or microfiber cloths, water hoses, light brushes, chain cleaners, and wax polish. Under no circumstances should the bike be left with water or other cleaning agents on it for a short period of time during this heat. Otherwise it will dry out and cause spots.

Wash with water

At the very beginning of cleaning, the whole bike should be bathed with a little strong water through the pipe. As a result, light dirt stuck to various parts of the motorcycle will be able to get out through water. However, care must be taken when watering the inside of the wheels of bikes with fuel injected systems that water does not run into the FI system in any way.

Apply mild detergent

These days special shampoos are available for cleaning bikes or cars. They should be mixed with water and applied to all parts of the bike first with a microfiber cloth or sponge. A foam sprayer can be used to do this.

Clean hard dirt

It is not possible to easily clean the dirt accumulated in the bike wheel or the front part of the engine. That’s why a light brush is needed. With its help, the hard dirt accumulated in various places including the chain sprocket can be cleaned very quickly.

Taking care of the chain

Bikes fitted with an open chain setup require special care for the chain. There are various types of chain cleaners available in the market for cleaning chains. There are even special brushes made just for cleaning chains. With the help of these, solid oily substances accumulated in the chain must be completely cleaned first. Then wipe the chain dry with a dry cloth and apply chain lubricating oil from a good company.

Dry the entire bike

After the cleaning is complete, the parts of the bike should be wiped with a dry micro fiber cloth. As a result, any water stains will be removed and every part of the bike will regain its old luster.

Using wax or any other polish

Wax polishing is essential to keep the color of motorcycle body panels intact. Separate polishes are available in the market for glossy body panels and separate polishes for matte finish body panels. If you wipe it with a soft cloth using a chemical of your choice, the bike will be completely new. However, before using the new polish, it should be tested on the underside of the bike.

Wheel and Tire Care

You need to take special care of bike wheels and tires. A light brush can be used for this. You can also use a cleaner to remove stubborn dirt from the wheel rims. Different types of cleaning liquids are available in the market even for tires.

A look at the entire bike

After all these cleaning steps are done, you should give a thorough look at every part of the motorcycle. If for any reason the bike shows any signs of damage or the nut-bolts are loosened at certain places, then it is definitely wise to take the help of a skilled mechanic.

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