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Electric Truck: Indian company’s electric truck will run 400 km in just 20 minutes charge, surprised the whole world

Companies are embracing electric technology to reduce air pollution from diesel-powered trucks. Although electric trucks are not noticed on the country’s roads now, these types of vehicles will become a big trust in transporting goods in an environmentally friendly way in the coming days. Bangalore company Tresa Motors has come forward to revolutionize the world of electric trucks.

This is the first time they have unveiled an electric truck made with Indian technology for sale in the global market. Named Model V0.1. It is built on a high-performance axial flux motor platform called FLUX350. Tresa will develop axial flux powertrains and protected battery packs for medium and heavy electric trucks.

Tresa Motors unveiled the Model V0.1 electric truck

of Tresa Motors Model V0.1 The electric truck is believed to be designed inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. There is no such futuristic truck in India. However, it goes without saying that the final model of the truck ready for production will have a change in design, i.e. a slightly less flamboyant style. Matte black paint scheme with edgy design, slim ORVMs and huge vertically stacked LED headlamps add new dimension to the looks.

According to Tresa Motors sources, there are currently around 28 lakh trucks in India. The contribution in terms of pollution is about 60 percent. That is why there is a great need for environment friendly and pollution free trucks in this country. Scrappage policy coming in 2024. Fuel prices will also increase in the future. So the time has come to replace traditional diesel trucks and rely on heavy and medium electric trucks for transporting goods.

Based on the Axial Flux motor platform FLUX350, the electric truck will generate 476 PS of power. This platform is well known for its compact size and light weight. The company’s website claims that the truck can travel 600 kilometers on a full charge. It will be able to run 400 km in just 20 minutes charge. It will have a maximum capacity of 11 tons of cargo and the battery capacity will be 300 kilowatt hours.

Tresa Motors has confirmed that the fully indigenous battery-powered Model V0.1 truck will be launched between July and September. Till then we have to wait a bit to know the price and other features. Rohan Shravan, CEO and founder of the company said, “The official launch of Model V0.1 and the development of the Axial Flux Motor platform is the culmination of our many years of hard work. India has all the potential to become a global powerhouse in electric vehicles.”

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