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It’s all speculation, the new model of Tata Nano is being said on YouTube by showing pictures of other cars

Internet has become an integral part of human life in today’s technological world. Where we get various information, pictures and videos related to any car – from the famous to the common – at our fingertips. But just as there is correct information, the number of fake news is also not less. We often share these misinformation videos on social media without proper verification. As a result, this misinformation spreads faster than the wind. This time too, a similar incident came to the fore. A YouTube channel claims that the Tata Nano is coming in a new avatar. Around which, efforts are being made to spread fake news.

What is the real information about the arrival of the brand new Tata Nano?

The video claims that the Tata Nano is coming in a new version. The video also shows a concept version of the car. The dimensions of the car are discussed in detail there. However, the car shown in the video is actually a Kia Picanto 3-Door. The same is shown as Tata’s next generation Nano car.

The YouTuber claims that the new Nano will be based on Tata’s Omega ARC platform. It will be powered by a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine. Although every information is full of mistakes. Tata has yet to officially announce the return of the Nano. As a result, the news of the launch of Tata Nano in a new avatar is considered to be fake.

This much is certain, if the Tata Nano makes a comeback, it will be an electric version. The company has no plans to introduce a petrol engine. Many buyers have converted their Nano cars to electric ones. Seeing this, the possibility of Tata being inspired cannot be ruled out. Currently, every electric vehicle in Tata’s portfolio is sold in the ICE version. Be it Nexon EV, Tiago EV or Tigor EV – whatever. Meanwhile, Tata is currently working on a new electric vehicle platform. That might be for Nano.

Incidentally, Tata currently leads the electric car segment in India. But before launching any other electric car, they are also thinking about bringing Nano-K in electric version. The help of Jaime Automotive of Coimbatore may be taken to implement this plan. The company has shown off a model of the Tata Nano that has been modified into an electric version. Currently, several electric versions are seen riding on the roads of this country. Ratan Tata also uses a custom-built Nano EV.

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