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Ather Grid: The days of free are over, you have to pay money if you charge the scooter, new rules on the first date

To increase the popularity of electric two-wheelers, various companies have offered free charging facilities to customers from their charging stations. But now seeing the tide in the sale of electric scooters, Ather Energy has moved away from that path. They said that this time, 1 rupee (including GST) will be charged per minute for ether grid fast charging. Ether is launching this new system from tomorrow i.e. August 1 for customers in Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

For fast charging from Ather grid, the knob must be pressed

Pricing will not be based on how much electricity is being consumed from Ether’s fast charger. Instead, the organization has charged money as time. From 2018 till today, customers have got the facility of charging from Ether Grid network in bin paisa. But due to unnecessary crowding of riders and various problems, the organization is giving it up this time.

Ether has taken this step to avoid the situation of charger hogging again. Customers come back after charging their scooters for a long time. That’s why Ether has set an autocut off limit so that no more than 80 percent is charged from the first charging point. The company believes that charging customers will reduce the tendency to charge more frequently.

Again, Ether believes that the new system will create a habit of charging as much as is necessary among the buyers. However, the company said that the service of free charging will be maintained for customers of Ather 450 Gen 1 and Gen 1.5. Because last year, Ether promised to provide free charging service till the end of 2023 to those who bought electric scooters.

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