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Ten goals to Tesla! Before Elon Musk, Fisker will launch a car with a mileage of 563 km in the country, which will be charged by solar energy

Currently, there is strong speculation around the world around the arrival of Tesla (Tesla) in India. Billionaire Elon Musk’s company has expressed interest in building an electric car factory in the country. Tesla’s rivals are understandably under pressure from the news. However, before Tesla’s outline was laid out in India, one of its US rivals, Fisker, announced its move to the country. The American startup company will appear with their flagship Ocean electric SUV (SUV) within the last quarter of this year. One of its competitors in the market is Tesla Model Y. Fisker will first import this electric SUV and sell it in small numbers to understand the country’s market.

Fisker Ocean will be launched in India in the fourth quarter of 2023

Fisker will import cars from abroad and sell them in India. Earlier, the organization said that they will migrate to this country in July 2023. But now according to Fisker sources, they will launch the car between October and December. First, 100 models of the Ocean electric SUV will be sold. They even said that they are thinking of producing electric vehicles in India within the next few years.

Fisker’s limited edition model arriving in India may be named Ocean Extreme Vigyan Edition. The price will be 69,950 euros. In Indian currency the amount is about 65 lakh rupees. Again, its price in America is 37,499 dollars. If calculated in the currency of this country, it is about 31 lakh rupees. Sources claim that Fisker will price the car in India in line with the European market.

Fisker Ocean Extreme SUV promises a range of 563 kilometers on a full charge. Where Ocean Ultra will run 547 km. On the other hand, the rival Tesla Model Y has a range of 531 km. So it has left behind the Tesla model in terms of range. Fisker’s car will come in three variants – Sport, Extreme and Ultra. The base model will run 402 km on a full charge.

Fisker Ocean’s high-range models will feature all-wheel drive. The stylishly designed car will come with unique features. The top-end trim will have a solar roof. Sources claim that it will run 3,218 kilometers a year with energy from sunlight. Again, its 17.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system can be switched from landscape to Hollywood mode. Fisker claims that their car can be charged at home if necessary. It can also charge other electric vehicles.

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