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Indus Appstore: PhonePe brings indigenous app store, apps available in twelve languages

Until now, Android device users used Google Play Store and iPhone owners used the App Store when they needed to download apps. But now Walmart Inc. Proprietary fintech brand PhonePe has launched a homegrown mobile application store for Indians. The newly announced Android-based store is called Indus Appstore. It is reported that over 200,000 mobile applications and games in 12 regional languages ​​can be downloaded using this platform.

PhonePe Indus Appstore will ace Google Play Store

Indus Appstore has been launched as a rival to Google Play Store, PhonePe officials said. It is also reported that this move is aimed at capitalizing on the growing mobile usage capacity of India, the world’s second largest smartphone market.

But just announcing an app downloading platform is not enough. At the same time, equal care should be taken to ensure that it reaches more people with time. That’s why PhonePe is currently trying to build partnerships with smartphone manufacturers. Sameer Nigam, CEO of the company said in an interview – “We expect to tie up with most leading smartphone brands and go live on their interfaces within this year.”

Meanwhile, this company official also confirmed that app developers will not have to pay any kind of application listing fee till April 2025. They can even use any third party payment gateway of their choice.

Incidentally, the PhonePe group also has its own payments business, launched to compete with Paytm and Google’s GPay. Now, by making the app downloading platform called Indus Appstore live, the company once again threw a challenge towards Sundar Pichai’s company…

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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