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Using this protector to save the phone’s display? Xiaomi may void the warranty

Recently Xiaomi issued a screen protector warning to their phone users. The company made a post on their social media handle “X” highlighting the downsides of liquid UV adhesive protector to users. They said that such screen protectors can damage the smartphone, so they should not be used.

Nowadays most users install screen guards to protect smartphones from scratches. So now there are many types of screen protectors available in the market, one of which is UV Protector. Against which Xiaomi has issued a warning. In fact, by using glue, it provides a strong bond between the phone’s screen and the glass layer, which Xiaomi has warned users about.

The company clearly states that using such liquid UV adhesive protectors is extremely harmful. Because, these protectors destroy the functionality of the device, and may also void the warranty of the device.

So, instead Xiaomi recommends opting for options like non-tempered glass or electrostatic film. They do not need to be glued, and using them can make the device work properly and last longer.



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