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World’s first magnetic wireless charging phone Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G is coming to India

Infinix recently confirmed the launch of its latest smartphone series Note 40 Pro in India in April. However, ahead of the official launch, e-commerce platform Flipkart has gone live with a landing page for the lineup. Due to which several key features of the upcoming Note 40 Pro 5G and Note 40 Pro+ 5G models under the series have already been leaked online. The company also claims that the Infinix Note 40 Pro series will offer a unique wireless charging experience never seen before on any Android handset.

The Infinix Note 40 Pro series will offer India’s first magnetic wireless charging technology

According to the teaser image shared by Infinix, the models under the upcoming Infinix Note 40 Pro series will be the first commercially available Android phones to offer support for 20W MagCharge / magnetic wireless charging technology. In this regard, let us inform you that this charging feature exists only in Apple devices so far. And both MagSafe charging and MagCharge/Magnetic wireless charging technology compatible with iPhone. Which was first introduced with the iPhone 12 series that debuted in 2020.

No Android phone to date has included this special magnetic wireless charging feature. But if this technology comes with Infinix’s upcoming lineup, it will act as a game-changer.

Note that magnetic wireless charging and traditional wireless charging technology are not the same. There are several differences. As magnetic wireless charging offers stable connection, which provides faster and more efficient charging. On the other hand, traditional wireless charging uses induction technology. Due to which the device needs to be precisely placed on a charging pad to initiate the charging process. Although both methods eliminate the need for wires or cables. And one of the special features of magnetic wireless charging is its secure attachment mechanism and fast charging capability. Thanks to which mobile users can experience uninterrupted and user-friendly charging experience.

Meanwhile, we got to know about the charging features of both the Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G and Note 40 Pro+ 5G models from the dedicated microsite live by Flipkart. But apart from these, the series will also include two more models named Infinix Note 40 and Note 40+, which will support reverse wireless charging. This technology in this case – will allow charging of phones, earbuds and other compatible devices.

In this case, Infinix Note 40 and Note 40+ phones will be 4G enabled. Which probably won’t launch in India. There are reports that only the Note 40 Pro and Note 40 Pro+ 5G models powered by MediaTek Dimension 7020 processor will come in this country.



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