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Calling WhatsApp from this number in Pakistan is asking for various information, be careful

Recently it has been reported that students of most schools in India especially Army Public Schools are receiving various calls and WhatsApp messages from Pakistani Intelligence Operatives (PIOs). According to information received from the Indian Army, these calls and messages are asking students to join specific social media groups and share sensitive information. As a result, countrymen need to be careful. Let’s get into this in detail.

The caller is introducing himself as a school teacher

Sources claim that students are being asked to join groups called “new class groups” by identifying themselves as teachers of the caller’s school and then sending them a one-time password and asking them to share it with the students. Note that this group of PIOs are calling or sending messages with reference to people known to them or something else to gain the trust of the students.

Communicating through WhatsApp

According to reports, the PIO team is trying to communicate with the students through WhatsApp. The numbers through which fraudsters were communicating on WhatsApp are –

The warning has been issued by the Principal of Army Public School

After the incident, the principal of Army Public School issued some advice to the students and staff about these calls and messages and asked them to be careful.

What information does the Pakistani intelligence operative want to call?

An Army adviser said that when students join the group, they are asked for sensitive information such as what their father does, what their school routine is, what time they go to school, what time they return home, their teacher’s name, their school. uniform etc.

School and college students have been asked to be vigilant

Students of all schools and colleges as well as teachers have been asked to be alert in this regard.

Phone numbers may vary

Experts have managed to track both numbers for now. However, it is believed that calls from other numbers may also occur, and the method of collecting sensitive information may vary as required.

Parents are advised to be cautious

Apart from students and teachers, parents have also been warned about this. They have been told to alert their children if they see any suspicious calls or messages. If necessary, they can take the help of the police.

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Mayank Gupta
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