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These are the 5 biggest smartphone brands in the world: Apple’s name is not in the first place, see the list

Top 5 Smartphone Brands: Apple iPhone is preferred by almost everyone when it comes to buying a premium smartphone. Apple’s name comes first when it comes to smartphones with good performance and design, not just in India but all over the world. But behind this half-eaten apple logo user company, Samsung once again won the title of the world’s best smartphone brand! Yes, if you were to name the five biggest smartphone companies in the world right now, Apple would not be number one. In fact, South Korea’s Samsung, which is popular for bringing different types of mobiles to the market for decades, has been crowned the leader.

These are the five largest smartphone companies in the world

At the moment, if we talk about the five biggest smartphone companies in the world, the names of Chinese companies like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo will come. The battle between Samsung and Apple for market share has been going on for a long time, while the fact that Samsung is ahead is nothing new. In that case, recent reports have shown that Samsung has once again succeeded in getting the No. 1 ranking in the global smartphone market. In fact, the company’s ‘A’ series of smartphones are very popular all over the world, and it is through this series that they have cemented their place in the market. Currently Samsung’s market share is 22 percent.

Meanwhile, Apple’s position has dropped to number two in the list of the world’s five largest smartphone brands. Although it is not far behind Samsung – this company has a market share of 20%, ie a gap of only 2 percentage points. Not only that, Apple has achieved great success in the premium segment by winning the hearts of users. They witnessed an impressive (nearly 50%) growth in the second quarter of the year.

Which company is number three on the list?

Let’s say in this context, despite facing some problems in its domestic market China and India, Xiaomi has placed itself in the third place among the five largest smartphone companies in the world. They are trying to attract users from other big markets with new smartphones and other products. In this case, the name of Oppo has also appeared in the list – this smartphone brand has succeeded in winning the hearts of Indian as well as Chinese users. Vivo has also occupied the fourth and fifth positions in the global smartphone market under huge competition.



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