Home News Gadgets Take it slow with folding phones, Apple aims to be the best, just like the iPhone

Take it slow with folding phones, Apple aims to be the best, just like the iPhone

Take it slow with folding phones, Apple aims to be the best, just like the iPhone

For the past few years, there has been speculation in the tech world about Apple’s foldable smartphone. There are different opinions about what the phone can offer or how it should look. But there is no doubt that Apple is currently developing a foldable device. Folding form factor handsets have grown in popularity in recent times. Therefore, Apple is also struggling to gain market share in the foldable market. Now a source has revealed the progress of the undisclosed device and the hurdles it faces during the construction phase. Although rival brands such as Samsung and Huawei are already well established in the foldable market, it is still unknown when Apple’s long-awaited phone will enter the market.

Apple’s upcoming foldable phone may be delayed

Tipster Fixed Focus Digital claimed in his Weibo (Chinese micro-blogging site) post that Apple is actively developing its foldable phone right now, even taking apart the hardware of competing brands’ folding phones. However, the report also left fans somewhat disappointed, stating that the delay was due to “unsatisfactory results in screen testing”. This highlights Apple’s uncompromising quality side. It is likely that the device will be delayed even further.

While rival brands have been launching folding devices one after the other, Apple still looks unprepared. The US company’s dominance in the traditional smartphone market has been strengthened by the recent success of the Apple Vision Pro, which has made them more patient. For Apple, the launch of a foldable device could be more of a strategic diversion than a core requirement. So they don’t need to rush into a market where they haven’t perfected yet.

According to an earlier report, Apple has developed two prototypes – the first is a clamshell phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the other is an inward-folding iPad with an 8-inch screen. Most experts believe that Apple could opt for a larger form factor due to their thicker design, which would solve the problem of less robustness.

However, the report highlights the potential upside for Apple despite the delay. The company’s long experience with high-resolution displays could translate well to foldables, allowing Apple to compete with existing competitors in terms of quality. Now the question is, when the foldable iPhone or iPad can come to the market? While it was earlier rumored that it would be unveiled by 2025, the latest report hints at a possible delay. The Information and The Elec now say that the Apple foldable could launch in 2026, indicating that Apple will not compromise on their signature quality standards when it comes to this device.


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