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If you go to the store, you won’t get it anymore, Oppo-Vivo may stop selling this model phone

Nowadays, the demand for foldable smartphones is quite high. At one time, brands like Samsung dominated the market with this form factor, but gradually other manufacturers also started entering the folding device market one by one. For example, Oppo entered the foldable phone market in 2021. The following year, Vivo also launched their first foldable smartphone in the market. Although Vivo’s foldable phones are limited to the Chinese market, both brands have been consistently launching new foldable phones. But now a new report suggests that both Chinese brands have decided to exit the foldable phone market. If this news is true, the two companies’ associate brand, OnePlus, may also refrain from launching new foldable phones. Again, Huawei is said to be working on a tri-foldable phone, while Samsung, the leading brand in the foldable market, is said to be developing a phone with a rollable display.

Oppo and Vivo’s foldable market share may decline

Oppo and Vivo have not officially announced their exit from the foldable phone market so far. Therefore, it would be advisable to wait for further reports to know the exact situation. The South Korean report indicated that Oppo and Vivo’s decision to exit the foldable market could be due to a significant decline in their market share in the segment last year.

Along with Samsung, one of the early pioneers of the foldable phone market, Huawei is said to be developing a Z-shaped tri-foldable device with the aim of dominating the tablet PC market. The device offers up to 10 inches of screen space when unfolded, and Huawei is aiming to sell 130 million units annually.

Notably, Apple iPad currently dominates the tablet PC market with 40 percent market share, while Samsung Galaxy Tab is second with 19 percent market share. In response to Huawei’s advances, both Apple and Samsung brands are said to be advancing their foldable products.

Note that last year, Samsung was the first in the foldable phone segment with 66 percent market share. It is rumored that the South Korean company is currently working on a phone with a rollable display and possibly a tri-foldable phone similar to Huawei. Meanwhile, Apple is also rumored to be developing its first horizontal folding phone. Its production may begin in 2026.

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