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Smartphone: The old rules are returning, customers will get great benefits in using smartphones

Even a few years ago, mobile phones featured easily replaceable batteries. But now various smartphone brands are using in-built batteries instead of removable batteries. As a result, now users cannot replace their phone’s battery by themselves and have to visit the company’s service center for that. But a new law from the Council of the European Union (EU) is starting to give consumers a glimmer of hope. They approved new rules mandating replaceable phone batteries. If it becomes law, users will be able to easily perform battery replacement without any special tools or knowledge.

Once signed by both Parliament and the Council, the rules will enter into force within 20 days of their publication in the EU’s Official Journal. Then by 2027, all phones sold in EU member states must have such batteries. But the deadline can be pushed back if the makers want time.

Apple may benefit from this new decision in the long run

Apple and other smartphone companies may find it challenging and expensive to maintain permanent batteries only in EU countries. Apple has already ditched the traditional Lightning port on iPhones under an EU law to introduce USB-C ports, signaling compliance with regional regulations.

The introduction of replaceable batteries will provide special benefits to consumers, as they will be able to replace a fully charged battery with a dead battery. Smartphone makers have until 2027 to include this feature.

Note that Apple may receive some windfalls from these new regulations, including making money from sales of replacement and extended batteries. It’s also consistent with the US company’s vision for a port-less iPhone, as users can easily swap out a fully charged battery, eliminating the need to charge the phone. EU’s move towards replaceable batteries will reshape the mobile phone industry.

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