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Samsung won praise by repairing out-of-warranty phones for free

Samsung is usually ahead of other brands in providing their software updates. The South Korean company has a reputation for providing relatively high and timely updates. But not all Samsung software updates are bug-free. Especially in the case of Galaxy S-series flagships, users often complain about various issues that arise after the update. Recently, some users of the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone complained of vertical green and pink lines appearing across the screen after installing the June, 2023 security update. And now Samsung has taken a commendable customer-centric step by offering a free screen replacement to any affected Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user.

Samsung set a precedent by fixing the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s green line display issue for free

Although this problem is in India, it is not an isolated incident Because other Samsung smartphone models and even other brands of TVs that use Samsung Display’s OLED screens have faced similar issues. A user recently reported a similar issue of seeing a pink line on his Samsung Galaxy S21 after the May 2023 update.

Samsung hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue at this point, but they immediately replaced both the OLED screen and battery for free for a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user with the green line display issue. Despite the damaged phone being out of warranty, Samsung has taken responsibility for the problem, which potentially points to a software or OLED screen defect.

It should be noted that Samsung’s proactive approach to solving this issue is commendable. However, if the issue is indeed due to faulty software or display panel, it is crucial that the company immediately offers the same free replacement to all Galaxy users facing similar issues worldwide.

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