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There will be no end to surprises Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 series, Vision Pro headset will support Wi-Fi 7

Apple recently launched its new mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro. This is the company’s brand new product, which marks the US tech company’s foray into the virtual reality/augmented reality-enabled headset market. However, it is believed that this headset will not support the old iPhone model properly. But now an Apple product analyst says that won’t be a problem with the upcoming iPhone series of smartphones. Because Apple is going to make some significant changes to make the new Vision Pro headset easier to use.

Future Apple iPhone models will better support Vision Pro headsets

According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working to better integrate their upcoming iPhone models with the Vision Pro headset. And for this, the company is also rumored to upgrade the hardware of their future iPhones. The brand is focused on seamlessly connecting their various products across multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, MacBook. So this move by the company is not surprising at all.

Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple may soon use Wi-Fi 7 and Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology in its upcoming iPhone models. This will help them work better with the new Vision Pro headset. That is, the iPhone 15 will likely come with an upgraded Ultra Wideband chip to offer a strong and seamless connection with the latest product in the Apple ecosystem. The analyst also claims that the new iPhones will offer an upgraded version of the U1 chip. Notably, this ultra-wideband chipset first debuted with the iPhone 11.

Note that the new and improved UWB chip will help bring upgrades to various existing features including AirDrop and Find My. But the primary benefit of the updated U1 chip is better integration with the Apple Vision Pro headset. In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the iPhone 16 will be the company’s first smartphone to support Wi-Fi 7. This wireless technology will provide faster speed and many other benefits. This is crucial for good virtual and augmented experiences. Overall, this technology is expected to offer better integration across multiple platforms.

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