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Nothing Phone (2) is not the only one, but Nothing’s bigger surprise in July is Nothing OS 2.0

Last year, London-based startup Nothing unveiled an Android-based software skin called Nothing OS alongside its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1). Being new, it was very basic in terms of software-based functionality. However, later Nothing’s software team made it better with updates. And now the company is reportedly planning to take this software experience to the next level. The brand is gearing up for the release of Nothing OS 2.0. Mladen Mladen, Creative Director of Nothing Software. Hayes shared a glimpse of what the upcoming user interface could offer

Upgrades and new features of Nothing OS 2.0

During an exclusive interview with XDA Developers, Nothing Software Creative Director Mladen M. Hayes revealed some important information about what changes the company is bringing for the next-generation Nothing OS 2.0 version. First of all, Nothing’s software team now has about 100 members, compared to only five members and a few third party contractor companies when Nothing OS 1.0 was released. That’s why when the team released the Nothing OS 1.5 update based on Android 13, it was able to offer more features and upgrades than before.

Now, the company wants to start almost from scratch for Nothing OS 2.0. Hayes says they want to focus primarily on “functional aesthetics.” This will be a step where the organization will make the data easier for customers to use by visualizing it. Personalization is another important factor behind the development of Nothing OS 2.0. Hayes describes the home screen of current phones as “a page system where users basically scroll through company logos.” He wants to change that and do something different, rather than showing home screens as collections of app icons. This is where personalization becomes important.

Also, Nothing’s software creative director said that after upgrading to the new software version, when users look at the home screen, they will see personalized items and information related to their interests “at a glance.” He will be able to easily access what he is looking for instead of scrolling. Notably, a similar description was given by Google when announcing the Pixel software experience. It even has an ‘At a Glance’ widget, which displays relevant information directly on the home screen.

Anticipating that Nothing OS comparisons will be drawn with Google, he clarified that Nothing will add customizations to the mentioned features. Hayes didn’t share a visual representation of Nothing OS 2.0 or give any specific details, but said it will be more functional and easier to use.

Notably, Nothing OS 2.0 will be unveiled alongside the Nothing Phone (2) in July. Mladen M. The exact implementation of everything that Hees has talked about so far will have to wait for a while. It has already been reported that the Nothing Phone (2) will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, which will put it in the flagship category. It has also been confirmed that the phone will be manufactured in the country to meet the needs of the Indian market.

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