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Carryminati Youtube channel is the most subscribed Individual Youtuber in India

most Subscribed Indian youtuber carryminati

Carryminati Youtube is the most subscribed Individual Youtuber in India. Carryminati crosses Amit Bhadana today with his new video “Yalgaar” and Yalgaar is also set to break the records.

Who’s Carryminati?

For those who don’t know Carryminati, Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar is a very famous Youtube having two Youtube Channel “Carryminati” and “Carryislive” with around 25 million subscribers if combining both the youtube channels. Carryminati has around 7M followers on Instagram and also has 1.7M followers on twitter also.

After the TikTok vs youtube controversy, Carryminati is able to gain 10M subscribers in around a month that is very huge and it is possible because of the undying love of Carryminati’s Fans.

How Ajey Nagar becomes Carryminati?

carryminati most Subscribed Individual Creator on Youtube

Ajey Nagar was born on June 12, 1999. He lives in Faridabad, near the capital New Delhi, and is still based there. He went to school until 2016, when he was 17 years old, then he dropped out to be a full-time YouTuber. That’s the beginning of the Ajey Nagar as a Carryminati.

In the beginning, CarryMinati posted videos of himself playing video games and imitating Sunny Deol. He began his Youtube Journey in 2014 but the name of the channel was “Addicted A1,” where he uploaded footage of his gameplay and reactions on the games like CS GO. It didn’t bring in a lot of audiences back then.

Then in 2015, Ajey changed his channel’s name to CarryDeol as he does mimicry of Sunny Deol while playing games and people like his mimicry as a Sunny Deol. Then a running gag about Carry being in the Illuminati resulting in the Youtube Channel name as Carryminati.

How CarrIsLive occurs?

Carryminati Youtube channel is the most subscribed Individual Youtuber in India

Carry created another channel in 2017, called “CarryIsLive”, for his live-streams of video games. Carryminati plays numerous variety of games there not only PC games but also Play station Games. Carry also play famous Game Pubg Mobile on Emulator, his ID number 545247961, which goes by the nickname of khalidjamonday.

Carryminati’s success is because of his talent, making people laugh by making good roasting videos, also his diss tracks are also famous and thousands of people watch him playing games because of his great humor. Undying Love of his fans makes the Carryminati Youtube channel is the most subscribed Individual Youtuber in India

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