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Xiaomi’s pride is crushed, far from being the best, it doesn’t even make the top ten in terms of cameras.

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra flagship smartphone has now entered the global market after its launch in China last April. Everyone from mobile reviewers to regular users raved about the phone’s camera. However, benchmarking website DXOMARK has just released a report on how successful Xiaomi 13 Ultra is in comparison. And it shows that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is a bit behind in being the best cameraphone. It didn’t even make it to the top ten in terms of the best camera.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra at fourteenth place in DXOMARK camera ranking

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra has impressed users and reviewers with its versatile camera system. However, it now appears that DXOmark isn’t as impressed with the flagship phone’s camera as everyone else. Xiaomi claims that the 13 Ultra phone is the best in mobile imaging right now. But it lags far behind in the DXOmark rankings.

With an overall score of 140, it ranks 14th with the Google Pixel 7, Galaxy S23 Ultra and Vivo X90 Pro Plus. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra model is far behind the Huawei P60 Pro (first), Google Pixel 7 Pro (sixth), Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (eighth). Even last year’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max (11th) are ahead of Xiaomi in the list. Notably, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra ranks lower than the Mi 11 Ultra from two years ago.

Notably, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra features an impressive camera setup with four 50-megapixel lenses. The primary camera uses a Sony IMX989 sensor, while the ultra-wide-angle and the other two telephoto cameras use a Sony IMX858 sensor. In DXOmark’s report, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s cameras mention several issues. One of them is the noticeable delay between pressing the shutter button and capturing the image. Also, there is often a halo effect in outdoor shots, and there are some issues with white balance and exposure transitions in video recordings.

But despite the issues, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s cameras have some positives as pointed out in DXOMark’s report. For example, zooming in on it results in excellent image quality. Fairly good face exposure in low light. And the Xiaomi 13 Ultra offers smooth and accurate video autofocus.

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