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iPhone will be new for 5 years, Apple's big announcement about software updates

Good news for iPhone users! Apple has announced at least 5 years of software support with their new phones. However, the tech giant has not made this announcement voluntarily. In fact, due to new rules introduced in the UK, Tim Cook's company has been forced to provide software support for a minimum period of time with their iPhone models. Although Apple has always provided long-lasting software updates with their products. But till now no specific timeline was followed. However, due to this announcement, every variant of the iPhone 15 series will now receive at least 5 years of software updates and security patches.

Each model of the iPhone 15 series will get software support for 5 years

According to a recent report by GSMArena, new laws in the UK have forced Apple to revise their support policy. As a result, all four models under the iPhone 15 lineup will come with a minimum of five years of software support. For the sake of comparison, both Android mobile manufacturers Google and Samsung offer seven years of software support with their flagship smartphone series. That is, Apple is somewhat behind in this regard.

Many may think that due to this gap of two years, buyers may prefer to choose a handset made by Samsung or Google over Apple. But one thing needs to be understood, the five years of software support that the tech giant has promised is just a baseline, not a specific timeline. Simply put, Apple guarantees continuous updates for five years.

However, after the scheduled time, the company can extend the support time if it wants. For example, there are many older generation iPhone models that were supposed to have two or three years of support. But later found that the devices have received updates for more than five years. The same can be done with the iPhone 15 series.

Although Apple was forced to take this decision under the pressure of the law issued by the UK, it has benefited from one aspect. Because iPhone users have now been praising Tim Cook on social media for half a decade of 'guaranteed' continuous updates and new features.



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