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Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Realme have fallen behind in 5G phone sales, why is this change?

Currently fifth generation network or 5G services have reached almost every corner of India. And because of this, 5G technology smartphones have been sold at a record rate in the country’s market in 2022-23. And this cycle means that there has been a big change in the Indian mobile market due to massive smartphone shipping. In fact, Chinese smartphones have dominated 4G smartphone sales (especially in the budget range) in India for the past few years. But now they have lost that place. What exactly happened in the market? And why is it? Let’s find out all the information.

Digital India and record shipments of 5G smartphones

In May this year, 5G smartphone shipments in India crossed 100 million, a new record. But at the same time, the share of Chinese brands in 5G smartphone sales has decreased. Earlier, China-based companies Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme and Oppo topped the phone sales and shipments in India. However, it appears that since the launch of 5G, the South Korean company Samsung has regained its old position in the market – they have now overtaken everyone as the number one smartphone brand in the country.

According to a recent report by market intelligence firm Cybermedia Research or CMR, shipments of 5G smartphones have increased 28 times since the beginning of this year. Because common people are buying new phones to use new networks. In that case, if we talk about the month of May, then it can be seen that Samsung company is at the top in 5G shipping. Next comes brand names like OnePlus and Vivo. The combined market share of the three companies is 60 percent. Meanwhile, Xiaomi, which has been India’s leading smartphone brand for the past few years, has fallen far behind.

Why has the share of Chinese brands decreased in 5G smartphone shipments?

Now naturally the question is that how is this change in the market? And how did Chinese companies lag behind in phone sales? In that case, Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo have been accused of tax evasion and wrongful remittance abroad. Because of this, brands are being investigated by the Indian government, and some of their accounts have even been sealed. Overall, Chinese smartphone brands have had limited activity in India – delays in launching, promoting and marketing their new smartphones. Moreover, from personal experience, the performance of Chinese phones in the budget range is not what it used to be, probably because of this many people are turning away from the companies.



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