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Android to iPhone: People leave Android phones and buy iPhones for these 4 main reasons

In today’s world smartphones are divided into two categories Android and iPhone. Although the number of Android users is still high. However, the number of Apple phone users has increased significantly over the past several years. And such buyers are usually referred to by Apple as “switchers”. According to a recent report, there are four main reasons why Android users have started using iPhones in the past few years. Let’s find out the exact reasons why users have started using iPhone instead of their old device.

Reasons to use iPhone over Android-

1) Problems with previous devices

According to this report by CIRP, users reported that their old device was no longer performing well, and also required repair due to prolonged use. Besides, the experience of using that phone was also not good due to several other shortcomings.

2) New features of iPhone

Some users reported that they were attracted to iPhone’s advanced features and started using iPhone instead of Android. According to CIRP, the number of these “switchers” has increased by 10 to 20% in the last few years.

3) Value for money product

Although there are several Android phones in the market with similar features for the price of an iPhone, the stability of the iPhone is much higher. And despite less RAM and ROM, iPhone hardware and software are so optimized that the device runs well for a long time. So according to CIRP, buyers find Apple’s privacy protection capabilities and long-term service justifiable.

4) Blue Bubble

Another advantage of Apple is its ecosystem. No other company’s product has such a beautiful ecosystem. According to the CIRP report, the reasons for iPhone use are varied and confusing in some cases. Because some buyers only use this device to use iMessage and FaceTime with their family and friends.



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