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E-bike joins police force to run 150 km continuously without blowing smoke

Day by day, people’s confidence in electric vehicles is increasing. As a result, electric bikes and scooters are expected to grow significantly in India in 2022 and 2023 compared to the previous few years. The amount of trust has increased to such an extent that such vehicles are finding their place in government offices as well. For example, the Kochi Police recently added Revolt Motors’ electric bike RV400 to their force. Revolt handed over the motorcycles to the Kochi Police this week on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Kochi Police bought Revolt RV400 e-bike

Since 2019, the Revolt RV400 electric bike has been rocking the market as the company’s only model. The number of customers is also not less. However, it is not clearly known how many models of bikes have been purchased by the Kochi Police. They will use them for patrolling the city in an eco-friendly way. Police stickers are affixed to tanks and panniers of bikes. Most of the police stations in India use 150 to 200 cc motorcycles for raiding purposes. Royal Enfield bikes are also seen in some cases. So in this case, the use of pollution-free electric motorcycles by the Kochi Police is indeed commendable.

Revolt RV400: Price and Specifications

The RV400 is the first electric motorcycle sold in the Indian market. It is currently priced at Rs 1.29 lakh (ex-showroom). It also appears to be used in last mile delivery. This electric bike comes with a 3 kWh battery pack, which provides a range of 150 km on a full charge.

The RV400 is capable of a top speed of 85 kmph. The 5 kW motor produces 4 bhp of power and 54 Nm of torque. It takes 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery. The feature list of the bike includes replaceable battery pack, Bluetooth connectivity, USD front fork, LED lighting, and artificial exhaust.



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