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Telegram Stories Feature Announced, Coming Next Month for Users

Connect and share your moments with the upcoming feature. Customize your audience, add captions and links, and tag others in your stories. Discover how Telegram profiles and channels will be enhanced. Launching in early July.

Telegram Stories Feature Announced: In a recent announcement, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov revealed that the popular messaging app will be introducing Stories in early July. This highly anticipated feature has been requested by Telegram users for years, with more than half of all feature requests being related to Stories. Initially hesitant due to the prevalence of Stories on other platforms, Telegram decided to prioritize user feedback and implement the feature.

Stories: Share and Customize Your Moments

With the addition of Stories on Telegram, users will have complete control over who can view their stories. You can choose to share your Stories with everyone, your contacts, a select few, or a specific list of close friends. These Stories will be conveniently located in an expandable section at the top of your chat list. Furthermore, users will have the ability to hide Stories posted by certain contacts by moving them to the “Hidden” list in the Contacts section, keeping the main screen clutter-free.

Enhancing Your Stories with Captions, Links, and Tags

Telegram Stories Feature Announced

Telegram understands the importance of personalization and self-expression. That’s why they’ve provided several creative options for users to enhance their Stories. Alongside your photos and videos, you can now add captions and links to provide more context. Additionally, tagging other users in your Stories allows for greater interaction and connection within the Telegram community. Notably, Telegram enables simultaneous posting of front and rear camera photos and videos, reminiscent of the popular BeReal-style content.

Telegram Stories Feature AnnouncedChoose Your Story’s Lifespan

Flexibility is key when it comes to sharing content, and Telegram recognizes this. Users will have the ability to determine how long their story remains visible. Whether you want it to last for six, 12, 24, or 48 hours, or prefer to permanently display your Stories as highlights on your profile page, Telegram has you covered. This feature allows for a dynamic and informative profile, enabling users to share more about themselves and their interests.

The Impact on Telegram Profiles and Channels

According to Durov, the addition of Stories will transform Telegram profiles into vibrant and informative spaces. By saving Stories to your profile page, you can showcase your unique content and provide a deeper understanding of your personality and interests. This enhancement extends beyond individual profiles, as it also benefits groups and channels. Telegram plans to introduce the ability to repost messages from channels to Stories, which will significantly increase exposure and attract more subscribers. As a result, going viral on Telegram will become easier than ever before.

The Final Stretch and What Lies Ahead

Stories on Telegram are currently in the final phase of testing and are set to launch in early July. Durov believes that this feature will mark a new era for the platform, transforming it into a more social and interconnected community. Telegram’s dedication to listening to user feedback and incorporating highly requested features demonstrates their commitment to providing an exceptional messaging experience.

Conclusion – Telegram Stories Feature Announced

Telegram’s upcoming introduction of the Stories feature represents a significant step toward building a more social and engaging platform. By incorporating user feedback, Telegram is ensuring that its users can seamlessly share their moments and connect with others in a highly personalized way. The company’s commitment to providing innovative features highlights their dedication to delivering an exceptional messaging experience. With Stories on the horizon, Telegram is ready to embark on a new era of social interaction.

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Q: Can I control who sees my Telegram Stories?

A: Yes, with Stories on Telegram, you have full control over your audience. You can choose to share your Stories with everyone, your contacts, a select few, or a specific list of close friends.

Q: Can I add captions and links to my Telegram Stories?

A: Absolutely! Telegram allows you to personalize your Stories by adding captions and links, providing more context and enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

Q: Is it possible to tag other users in Telegram Stories?

A: Yes, you can tag other users in your Telegram Stories, facilitating greater engagement and interaction within the Telegram community.

Q: How long can a Telegram Story last?

A: Telegram offers flexibility when it comes to the lifespan of your Stories. You can choose durations of six, 12, 24, or 48 hours, or opt for permanent display as highlights on your profile page.

Q: Will Stories have an impact on Telegram profiles and channels?

A: Absolutely! By saving Stories to your profile page, you can make your Telegram profile more vibrant and informative. Additionally, the ability to repost messages from channels to Stories will boost exposure and attract more subscribers.

Q: When will Stories be available on Telegram?

A: Stories on Telegram are expected to launch in early July, after completing the final testing phase. Stay tuned for the exciting new feature!



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