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Bike Tips: Ride a bike every day? It won’t take long to get worse if you don’t do these 7 things

Whether a car is a four-wheeler or two-wheeler, its lifeblood is the engine. It is the most important part of a bike or scooter. If the engine can be kept healthy for a long time, then surely the life of the beloved vehicle will be long. You must be thinking that you need to gain a lot of experience for this. But let us assure you that by following a few tips it is possible to keep the two wheeler engine completely healthy. Let’s see what they are.

Change engine oil on time

An engine is basically a collection of metal parts. Engine oil is needed to move them smoothly in the engine’s inner chamber and reduce the frictional force between them. If this engine is running for a long time, the quality of the engine oil in it starts to deteriorate. That is why old engine oil must be changed after a certain distance has been covered. For this, definitely follow your vehicle’s manual book.

Check engine oil level

In addition to regular engine oil changes, sometimes excess temperature causes the oil level to decrease. In that case, it is dangerous if you are not careful. A dipstick is used to check the amount of fluid inside the engine. You can rest assured if the oil stays up to a certain mark on this dipstick. Otherwise engine oil must be topped up.

Clean and change the air filter

We all know that air i.e. oxygen is essential for combustion. In the engine also fresh air from outside is provided to reach the combustion chamber to carry out the combustion of petrol. In this process, the air filter is also used so that the dust mixed in the outside air does not cause any damage to the engine. If this air filter is not cleaned or changed for a long time, it completely blocks the passage of outside air. As a result the mileage of the bike decreases.

Check the spark plug

A spark plug is used to ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the engine. The face of this spark plug wears down with prolonged use. Then there is incomplete combustion of the fuel and it increases the fuel consumption as well as the presence of harmful gases in the smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe is greatly accelerated. That is why it is better to check the condition of the spark plug after a few days.

Keep the engine cool

A tropical country like India already has above normal temperatures for most of the year. And in the case of the engine, that temperature approaches the boiling point. Air cooling technology is generally used to keep these engines cool, but higher power engines have liquid cooling chambers. The amount of coolant used in it must be constantly monitored. It needs to be topped up if necessary.

Avoiding engine over heating

Even if you lovingly call your bike a “wild beast”, it is still a machine. That is, his power is not unlimited. Riding the bike at high speed continuously for a long time will definitely damage the engine. It is wise to refrain from attempting to over-speed the engine during overheating, even at normal times. Try to maintain the engine rpm with the number of gears.

Be aware of unwanted words

As mentioned earlier, an engine is a collection of numerous devices. All these devices are connected to each other and the whole engine is running. So be alert if suddenly any strange noise is generated from the engine. Take your bike to a qualified mechanic immediately if you hear excessive friction or metallic noise.

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