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World’s fastest car with the top speed of this car is 482 kmph! Watch the video

Talking about the world’s fastest car, one name is Koenigsegg’s Jesco Absolut. This company is known for the speciality of its cars. Jesco Absolut is a car that is not only called the fastest car in the world but also the fastest car of the Koenigsegg company.

The Koenigsegg company launched this car in 2020. The company’s Jesco Absolute is also called its high-speed variant. Jesco is a superfast car. Jesco not only gives you very high speed but also gives you great performance. Although, Its price is very high. According to a company report, it has been sold for Rs 28.10 crore (ex-showroom).

As it is a high-speed car, its body is designed on an aerodynamic concept. Its design can set a new dimension. The Koenigsegg Jesco Absolut can be a dream car for many people for many reasons. It just gives an amazing performance. This car has a 5-litre V8 engine. A flat plane crankshaft and double overhead camshafts can be seen inside the engine.

Watch the video here

Source: Mr JWW

Talking about its power, you get 1600 hp at 7800 rpm and 1106 lb of torque at 5100 rpm. Talking about the transmission in Jesco Absolute, it comes with a 9-speed light transmission with a house control module and an ultimate power demand gearbox.

If we talk about the speed figures of this vehicle, it takes about 2.5 seconds to reach the speed of 97 kmph. Talking about its top speed, it is around 482 kmph. Which is many times more than the normal speed.

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