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Electric Car: Electric car charging time will be reduced by a huge rate, the wait will end soon

As people’s interest in electric cars increases, companies are also making relentless efforts to reduce the charging time of such models. Volvo Cars, one of the world’s most luxurious car manufacturers, has taken an important step this time. They announced a strategic investment in Breathe Battery Technologies, a UK startup working on battery technology. This step is to reduce the charging time of electric vehicles by up to 30 percent.

New technology will reduce the charging time of electric cars

However, neither company disclosed how much money Volvo Cars has invested in Breathe Battery Technologies. The alliance is considered to be particularly important for Volvo Cars. Volvo is planning to bring new cars to the market in the next two to three years using the various innovations and battery software of Breath Battery.

Breeder’s algorithm-based charging software enhances the visibility of each cell in the battery pack. As a result, the battery of the electric car will be charged quickly. It will also maintain protection. Breeder CEO Ion Campbell said this technology will accelerate the purchase of battery technology vehicles.

Breeder’s software will focus on speeding up battery charging as well as increasing battery life and performance. Which is a very important issue for car manufacturers nowadays. Campbell said his company has already started working with several top brands. One of which is Volvo.

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